Molecule of the Month
March 2006
First Experimental Realisation of a UNIDIRECTIONAL Antenna Material

Functional ordering is achieved by organizing dye-zeolite antennae in an oriented monolayer. The picture shows in the upper part SEM images of two different zeolite L monolayers at different magnification and a schematic representation of the highly organized antenna material, i.e., a zeolite crystal containing a dye and modified with stopcocks. In the lower part, fluorescence microscopy images prove the unidirectionality. In the middle image, green fluorescence a bit deeper inside and on the right image, red fluorescence at the end of the channels is observed. The zeolite L crystals in this image have been removed from a monolayer.

This work was carried out by Arantzazu Zabala Ruiz, Stefan Huber and Huanrong Li in the group of Prof. Gion Calzaferri .


  • G. Calzaferri, S. Huber, A. Devaux, A. Z. Ruiz, H. Li, O. Bossart, L.-Q. Dieu;
    "Light-harvesting host-guest antenna materials for photonic devices"
    Proc. SPIE, Organic Optoelectronics and Photonics II, 6192, 619216/1-9, (2006); doi:10.1117/12.6655106.