Molecule of the Month
August 2008
Superconducting Ceramic Spheres, Captured by Magnetic Forces

A ferromagnetic wire is able to capture superconducting particles for analytical studies. Here, we investigate (see movie) the abiltiy to move around superconducting spheres, a model system, for searching new material in inhomogenous ceramic reaction mixtures.

This work was carried out in the group of Prof. Jürg Hulliger.


  • J. B. Willems, D. Pérez, G. Couderc, B. Trusch, L. Dessauges, G. Labat, J. Hulliger;
    "Magnetic extraction of superconducting grains from ceramic combinatorial syntheses"
    Solid State Sciences, 11, 162-169, (2009); doi:10.1016/j.solidstatesciences.2008.05.018.