Material of the Month
July 2020
CsBa2I5:Eu2+,Sm2+  -  The First High-Energy Resolution Black Scintillator for γ-Ray Spectroscopy

Scintillators are materials that absorb a high energy particle (α,β,γ radiation) and convert it into a short pulse of visible or near-visible light. CsBa2I5:Eu2+,Sm2+ has a remarkably high energy resolution of 3.2% at 662 keV gamma excitation and a scintillation decay time of 2.1 µs.
Sm2+ co-doping shifts the emission wavelength to 755 nm and eliminates the Eu2+ self-absorption. The novel double-doping principle opens up an entirely new class of near-infrared (NIR) scintillators.

This work was carried out in the groups of Prof. Pieter Dorenbos (TU Delft) and PD Dr. Karl Krämer.