Method of the Month
August 2023
New Generation of 99mTc Radionuclide Generators for Radiopharmaceutical Applications

99mTc is commercially available from 99Mo/99mTc generators that use acidic alumina as a sorbent matrix. The limited sorption capability of alumina asks for high specific activity 99Mo, which poses serious production challenges and raises proliferation concerns. Many ideas aimed to use low specific activity (LSA) 99Mo. Nonetheless, the main roadblock is the low sorption capacity of the alumina.
This method demonstrates the feasibility of using mesoporous nano-ceria as column material for developing 99Mo/99mTc generators by using LSA 99Mo. The prepared generator could supply 99mTc with high purity suitable for radiopharmaceutical applications independent of fission-produced 99Mo.

This work was carried out in the group of Prof. Dr. Andreas Türler.


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