Molecule of the Month
April 2012
The Regulatory Non-Coding RNA Interactome of Translating Ribosomes

Small non-protein-coding RNAs (ncRNAs) play key roles in regulatory networks shaping cellular life [1]. Even though the ribosome plays a pivotal role in gene expression, not a single ncRNA has been found so far that directly binds and regulates the ribosome. In this project we have analyzed the ncRNA interactome of stressed yeast ribosomes via a novel computational pipeline (APART; [2]) designed to detect RNA processing products from next-generation-sequencing data.
We revealed and experimentally verified multiple novel ncRNAs that were differentially processed in a stress-dependent manner.

This work was carried out by Marek Zywicki and Kamilla Bakowska-Zywicka in the group of Prof. Norbert Polacek.


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