Material of the Month
May 2022
RbCoCl3 - A Quasi 1-D Ising Magnet

In the hexagonal perovskite RbCoCl3 1-D antiferromagnetic correlations emerge along Co2+ chains below 90 K. At lower temperature complex interchain interactions set in and give rise to (partial) 3-D magnetic order. Below TN1 = 28 K the spins are aligned parallel to the c-axis, but 1/3 of the chains are uncorrelated from their neighbors. Only below TN2 = 13 K the system achieves a fully ordered state.
RbCoCl3 is an excellent material to study the physics of Ising chains. The magnetic structures [1] build an important foundation for the accurate interpretation of the spin dynamics measured in each case [2].

This work was carried out in the groups of PD Dr. Karl Krämer (DCBP) and Prof. Dr. Christian Rüegg (PSI) using the facilities SINQ and SLS at PSI, ISIS (UK), and ILL (F).


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