Material of the Month
November 2023
The More the Better: Formation of Single Phase High Entropy Alloys

High entropy alloys (HEAs), a materials class with potential applications in catalysis, typically require high temperatures for their synthesis. However, catalysis needs dispersed nanoparticles. Recent strategies avoid high temperatures.
Using advanced operando techniques, we investigated how single-phase HEA nanoparticles can form at lower temperatures, revealing stochastic principles and precursor mobility inhibition as key factors. Simulations confirm these findings, explaining differences in two-element and multi-element precursor mixtures.

This work was carried out in the group of Prof. Dr. Matthias Arenz.


  • R. K. Pittkowski, C. M. Clausen, Q. Chen, D. Stoian, W. van Beek, J. Bucher, R. L. Welten, N. Schlegel, J. K. Mathiesen, T. M. Nielsen, J. Du, A. W. Rosenkranz, E. D. Bųjesen, J. Rossmeisl, K. M. Ų. Jensen, M. Arenz;
    "The more the better: on the formation of single-phase high entropy alloy nanoparticles as catalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction"
    EES Catalysis, 2023, 1(6), 950-960; doi:10.1039/D3EY00201B.